About the farm


About the Farm

We are a small cannabis farm in the eastern mountains of Southern Oregon. Here the mountain breeze flows through the plants in the field at harvest and wafts smells and brings us closer to heaven. The intention at Ahimsa Organics is to develop and refine medicine without limits and boundaries. For decades we’ve found exactly that in working with the cannabis plant.

Our farming methods are unconventional in many senses, however tradition is something that we hold dear and work to preserve. In this way we carry on traditional farming styles like Biodynamics. We are slated for Demeter Biodynamic certification by the end of the 2019 season. Other styles of farming we practice and implement are Kyusei Nature Farm and Korean Natural Farming, as well as Masinobu Fukuwoku’s Natural Farming style.

More important to us than emulating a particular farming method or style is working with the land. With Steiner’s intention of “healing the earth” in mind we employ our regenerative practices to our land. We are blessed to have virgin soil that has never been worked and rich ponds full of fresh water fish and plants that we manage and selectively irrigate from to increase fertility to our plants and soil during the growing season.

In a modern world that desperately seeks medicine for its industrial maladies we humbly offer the plant and all it has to teach.